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HOMEDronesDuodrone EN

DuoDrone EN
High Playload capacity of 2.5kg and able to fly at high altitudes.
Anti-jamming module is mounted to block jamming signals.

Surveillance, Response jamming signal

It is equipped with powerful gimbal camera for surveillance and reconnaissance.

It is equipped with the anti-jamming modules are possible corresponding to the jamming signal.

Easy and Safe Landing Anywhere

The VTOL(vertical take-off and landing) capability
allows the Duodrone-EN to take -off and land easily and
accurately anywhere. Soft vertical landings ensure that
your drone lands without damage to the aircraft body or
your precious payload.


Ready-to-Use Ground Control System for your UAV.

—Our GCS provides full flight control and easy setup
for your UAV. It provides a simple and straight forward usage for beginners, and still delivers high end feature support for experienced users.

Duodrone-EN has options for motor + engine,
anti-jamming module and high-performance camera for
surveillance and block jamming signals.

Technical Specifications

Wingspan 3.2 m
Weight 24kg
Propulsion (Vertical) Brushless, electric
(Horizontal) Engine
Radio link range (Base on RF Modem) 3km (default)/ 12km (optional antenna)
(Base on LTE) No Limit (under altitude 200m)
Payload 2500g
Mission planning and control software CoreStation
Automatic 3D flight planning No
Cruise speed 28~35m/s
Wind resistance 7 m/s
Maximum flight time 3 Hours
Vertical take off and landing Yes
GPS Anti-Jamming Power 60dB

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