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The default onboard camera, Sony series (a5100, a6000)
is ideal for general mapping and surveying applications. However, we can customize the camera attachment to suit other cameras with similar size(110 x 63 x 36mm) and weight (of up to 400g) upon user request.
The onboard gimbal camera, Colibri weights 160g with the size of 53mm in diameter and 78mm in height. It can zoom for x6.6 and x2 in digital mode providing a total of x13.2. It has 31°WFOV, 4.7°NFOV and 2.3°DFOV with image resolution of 640x480 (IR mode) and 1366x768 (EO mode). It can pitch from -45° to +135° and roll from -180° to +180°.
The SLANTRANGE 3P multispectral sensor is designed
specifically to retrieve important agricultural measurements
and information throughout the growing season, from
pre-planting to harvest, and through a range of environmental conditions.
The MicaSense RedEgde-M weights 232g with the dimensions of 8.7x5.9x4.54 cm. It is powered at 4.2-15.8V. While using the spectral bands of blue, green, red, red edge and near-IR, it has the GSD of 8cm/pixel (120m AGL). Trigger options are timer, overlap and external trigger . Interfaces include serial, ethernet, Wi-Fi, external trigger, GPS and SDHC.

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