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Foxray is a pesticide spraying octocopter drone designed for precision application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, bringing up the standards of agriculture to a whole new level.

Larger Capacity, More Coverage

Foxray has a tank capacity of 10 L and total
flight time of up to 20 minutes which can
spray up to 9,917 square meters (3,000 pyeong).

Folding Design

Foxray is designed to be easily transported by
folding the propellers and the frame arms to
reduce the total size from 1668 mmx 1518 mm
x 759 mm to 640 mmx 582 mm x 623 mm .

Automatic Flight Control

Foxray provides automatic flight control and easy
setup for your agricultural drone. User can define
the area ofinterest where the drone should fly pass

Technical Specifications

Diagonal distance of propeller 1130mm
Propeller size 21inch
Unfolded Size 1668mm x 1518mm x 759mm
Folded Size 640mm x 582mm x 623mm
Data transmission distance 5km
Positioning GPS
Take-off and Landing Autonomous Take-off and Landing-Waypoint Navigation
Battery LiPo 6S 4500mAh x 6
Empty Weight 12.5kg
Payload 10kg
Cruising Speed 0-50km/h
Optimal Speed 18m/s
Maximum Flight Duration 25min
Operating Temperature
Temperature -10ºC to 40ºC
Wind Resistance 8m/s
Tank Capacity 10L
Work Space 9,917square meters (3,000pyeong)
Nozzle Size 2,200mm

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